Grey Gardens


Shout out to one of my FAVE movies ever, "Grey Gardens". The tale of Kennedy cousins living in squalor on the outskirts of the Hamptons, singing show tunes and wearing pants as hats endlessly fascinates me. It's frightening how seemingly normal, successful people can go completely off the rails...


Instead of wearing pants on my head, I wore a skirt as a kilt and a sweater as a top😂. This soft grey Christopher Kane ensemble from my adored boutique Gito, is a study in monochrome. There are a few lovely things happening here; pleats, satin, sparkle, cashmere, midi length, turtleneck, bunched up sleeves, and delicate metal detailing. Whoosh; how's that for a Christmas list? This outfit makes me feel like a classy holiday Hostess With The Mostess. It's winter glam at its best. While I'm busy entertaining (or looking like I am during a photo shoot📸😉), this is a clean, feminine look.  It's the perfect special party outfit.

The tone on tone and sparkly detail are a crisp combo on the eye. The well placed skirt and sweater slits break up all the fabric and add sexiness. This isn't your typical snoozy sweater and skirt set. Grey sheer nylons and suede pumps drive home the one color from head to toe. The hose tie in the legs in a subtle yet complete manner. A story about this outfit. I mean, of course I have a story about this outfit; you know who you're dealing with by now. If you're just joining the Blaga movement, well then, welcome to the blog where clothing is anecdotal, accessories lead to therapy revelations, and coats hide some wacky shit!

I wore this to a family event last year. A relative laughed and said ,"I'm shocked you're dressed so modestly. Conservative isn't you." ER...Mazal Tov? This really hurt my feelings, and I'm usually pretty easygoing. I'm certainly very self deprecating and can take a joke. I felt extremely labeled by that remark. Was the implication that I usually dress in a scanky way?? This comment was made by someone I really love and admire, and while I'm certain no malice was meant, it felt like a jab. My style is eclectic, and I never look the same. I'm always pulling new fashion tricks out of my four kid mom butt. It felt strange to have my style be tied into "modesty". This outfit didn't define that idea for me. I just liked it because it's beautiful. Should I not be wearing a turtleneck sweater since I'm "immodest". Again, this just felt like a weird, hurtful jab. I'm over it, but I clearly recall how I felt at the time. Anyway, wear studs with this. And I love a nude, pinkish lip with grey for a soft effect.


Secret; I could never really wear this while entertaining. I'd be sweaty and stained in two minutes. Props to the ladies in Spanx  and heels that cook and serve the apps, that control all in control top. Topping off drinks in a turtleneck. I need to feel very loose and comfy to do my hostess gig. It puts me in a better mood which allows me to set the right mood for my peeps. And some non-peeps who I had to include🙄. Kidding, I have an unapologetically strict Peeps Only rule. What feels right to you will set a wonderful mood for everyone else. Your oxygen mask goes on first, right? Breathe, they'll be leaving soon⤴️🚪.

Happy holidays. ❤️,Little Jessie