Private Benjamin 2.0


Hey, Peeps. So this look was an exciting discovery for me, because it was accidentally meaningful. I was putting together looks for the most recent fashion shoot, and combining the nautical striped jacket with my favorite worn in, camouflage shorts was a brilliant idea for Labor Day. Yes, I know that just passed in the states, but so what. It is always the right time to reflect on how damn lucky we are to live in a country where freedom is so deeply valued and promoted. There is never a time I don't drop my kids at their Jewish private school, where I don't think of how blessed we are to be able to safely practice Judaism in America.  Having grown up constantly hearing about how my grandparents survived the Holocaust, having gone to visit the concentration camps in Poland as a teenager, having my father in law tell my kids how rocks were thrown at him as a little boy because he is Jewish. My son is the same age as he was when that happened. It kills me to think anyone would ever do that to my baby.


Going to synagogue freely is a gift. Putting a menorah in my window is a gift. Having an annual Israeli day parade is a gift. By venturing out of the opaque bubble in which I've always lived, I am FINALLY starting to meet all kinds of people from many different backgrounds and ethnicities. I mean, Jeez... What the heck were we taught to be so scared of?... Differences are a gift as well. I know I sound like Kimmy Schmidt crawling out of her psycho, underground cult cave, opening her big eyes to the world, but Good. For. Me. This country is brimming with all kinds of worldly ingredients, because in it we have the freedom to mix up our own lives. Despite what your opinion may be on the current government, it doesn't matter; America was built on the premise of Liberty. We've got a massive statue in a dress to prove it. I kayaked near her on the Hudson River recently! Who knew that a little J Crew jacket and Current Elliot shorts could have had such an emotional impact on me,while belts and shoes were flying all over my closet?? Inspiration can hit anywhere, anytime. It is raw and unplanned. No plans necessary. If it's there, it will come.

My friend CR, a wise yogi, recently told me that there is a week long army training program in Israel. People can apparently pay and have a somewhat Israeli army experience. Supposedly they're really tough on you; wait, isn't that just flying on El Al?? Adding this on to my ever growing to do list. I might look like Goldie Hawn in the classic movie "Private Benjamin", but I would love this. See what ideas come to us when we feel free? Anything is an option, everything is an opportunity. And looking like Goldie at any stage in her rad life ain't so terrible. I'm so happy I didn't toss this jacket. I bought it because of the Jackie O vibes, then almost got rid of it for the same reason( I just outgrew that concept, though it's so elegant). I knew it would one day serve the right purpose. F dates on a calendar. They're numbers in a tiny box. Live Liberty every single day. Don't not take advantage of where we live. Freedom starts first and foremost in your own mind. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ—½πŸš’
Love, Lady Blaga