Lady Blaga attends Alice and Olivia

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So I fell down the rabbit hole at this show! That was a nod to Alice in Wonderland, for anyone who may think that animated characters are limited to that which resembles human excrement πŸ’©πŸ˜·. What was so cool about viewing this collection, was that it was a walk through, as opposed to a seated show. It was like walking through a costume exhibit at the MET, but the models would occasionally crack a smile or move. The music set the mood; DJ Mia Moretti spun 60's and 70's Rock. She herself was dressed to kill, as per usual. It's so important for music to be an essential part of seeing a collection. It was an instant vibe creator, which is what music is of course supposed to do. There were all these cool sets and backdrops where pairs or groups of models stood. It was anything from a turquoise and black staircase to a sexy bedroom scene. The clothes were super bright, shiny, metallic, very rock and roll. Many pieces would be applicable to several decades. Hot pinks, sequins, mint greens, and deep blues drew the eye in immediately.

Moving through the exhibit indeed felt very much like a dark, sexy fairy tale. There were walls covered in scrawled messages of female empowerment, which of course was the perfect backdrop for this selfie nation. No judgements, I did it too. There was an old school silk glam chaise lounge to drape yourself over. I felt like I'd stumbled into an after party for Led Zeppelin. It was the perfect marriage of fashion and rock n roll🀘🏻. I especially loved all the multicolored striped sequin work. My outfit choice happened to have worked perfect thematically, a happy accident. My Jazmin Chebar wildly patterned silk and leather dress, feels to me like I was rifling through Steven Tyler's closet. It's not vintage but it looks it. My electric blue tights popped my yellow open toed sandals. The tights were a last minute addition which were a game changer. Also, I didn't have to shave. On my head was my huge, wine colored ribbon headpiece, a favorite of mine for years. It's a modern take on Anne Boleyn. It literally elevates any outfit I wear, as in it adds half a foot of height. The royal blue Gucci clutch was, well, clutch. Everything in this look was strong, deeply hued, but no piece was obnoxious. They all stood on their own, but worked together here. Sometimes you need one bold focus, but for Fashion Week you gotta be bold all over. In the right way of course. This show was indeed full of whimsy and wonder. Now "Drink Me".

photography credit- alexandra gorgon @atg_photo

photography credit- alexandra gorgon @atg_photo