Relaxed Glamour

I adore vintage. I love anything with a history. I prefer things a bit beat up and with a story, over a shiny, new , sterile something. That's actually a huge insight into my entire personality. I went through a years long phase where I only shopped in vintage stores. I pride myself on having the eye to zero in on a treasure among a heap of junk. It's an attention to detail. It means I pay attention to all that surrounds me, and gravitate towards what I love, despite that being less obvious to everyone else. I have always loved an underdog. I've never been attracted to men that are too handsome. I like quirks. I often hate the movie the critics loved. I won't wear a trend when it's in. It's not some sort of "fuck the man" agenda, it's just something I've come to learn about myself. I have often been told I'm "out of the box". This confuses me; well, what box are we talking about exactly ? People are meant to be complex, multi dimensional individuals with twists and turns. I'm certainly in the box of that. Perhaps if the box you're talking about is a flat, non faceted, boring invisible jail cell, then you're right, I'm proudly "out of that box". I've always taken it as a compliment, but feel sad that that's how most people I know define others. I have also heard that since I'm not in a box, people can't define me and don't know how to categorize me. This is insane. How small-minded does one have to be in order to have this incessant need to categorize others??? Dude, instead of trying to sum up everyone around you into three words or less, get your twice a week Pilates ass to a therapist.
 As always, I promise, Lady Blaga has a clear point.

Back to the lab again, yo. This vintage gown was maybe 100$. I bought it 14 years ago at a vintage store in my hood called Mint. It was love at first sight. I dressed exclusively back then in tons of color, which I no longer do. I think I only wore this twice, but kept it knowing it would serve me well. I imagine a 60's lady hosting a booze soaked lunch, cigarette holder in one hand, her lacquered beehive hairdo standing at attention. She is, of course, sleeping with her best friend's husband while her own is golfing at the club. Her friend kinda knows but will never bring it up. Suburban shit lurking beneath the gleaming surface. Everyone is very tan and hates each other. They gather once a week regardless. It's just what they've always done, and will continue to do. Very Edward Scissorhands, one of my favorite films of all time. Talk about boxes gone awry. I crave storylines like this. So I will make them up if I need to amuse myself, even if my starting point is a random dress.

I recently had this dress taken in, and the ruffled collar removed. Good tailoring can transform anything. It took me years to appreciate this, because I hate going to the tailor. Surrender, Peeps, it really helps. Fixing the dress instantly made it current. It's a classic tank cut on top, with a full sweeping bottom. It's clearly glam, and I've worn it with gold sandals to a black tie wedding, but my favorite way to wear it is with an unexpected flat or sneaker. You know I love contrast. It makes everything less serious. It's like when you mix sweet and spice in a recipe. All sweet is too much on your mouth. All spicy is also too much. Both elements are needed to achieve, as I always say, balance.

These backless Margiela sneakers are the coolest footwear for this Valley of the Dolls look. Totally "out of the box"πŸ™ŒπŸ».  Beauty feels ugly if it's not comfortable. Your smile is just not as wide if your energy is sucked up sucking in your tummy. Fact. I'm sure you can even attempt at making these sneaks yourself! Slip on sneakers, yes pleaseπŸ™‹πŸΌ.  The J Crew sleeveless denim vest adds the final relaxed, cool chic factor. Collar up. It's an unusual take on a blazer topping an outfit. This giant gold earring you've seen many times, since it's one of my faves. It's from Old Navy. I wear it everywhere. The right shade of gold can totes pass for expensive. Just choose wisely and you'll be good! Price means almost nothing. You cannot buy taste. So often pricey clothing looks cheesy and ridiculous, very trying too hard.  This look is proof of that. An entire glamorous outfit based of a hundred dollar dress I found in a pile on the floor. If you open your mind you can close your wallet a little bit, I swear. Shop creatively. Live interestingly. Just leave your BFF's hubby alone. That's not very nice, even if she's chasing after yours. L'chaim πŸ·πŸΈβ›³οΈπŸŒ