Listen to Don't Quit

THIS song is your summer jam!!! It's several minutes of infectious joy. Who doesn't love DJ KHALED, who is just one badass of a hit factory. And my love, Jeremih , is featured here and elevates everything as always. The title and mood here are so uplifting, "Don't Quit". Who knows what they're actually talking about, but with art we take from it what we need. Receive whatever message that applies.  It helps to keep pushing yourself if you're happy, and listening to this keeps me going.

At first I thought it was ridiculous that Dj Khaled's eight month old son is credited with producing the album. I mean, that's a whole new level of deifying your children. As much as we love our kids, they are not capable of producing an album, even if the excer saucer is parked in the middle of the recording studio. Let's be honest. But I changed my mind; it seems his immense love and gratitude for his baby boy sparked his massive creative drive here. A deep well of love leads to magical, brilliant things. Love is what makes us put beauty and joy into the world. As a mother, my children certainly have inspired me in a billion ways. How lucky is Dj KHALED that his adoration of his child can be used to spread music to an entire planet?? To love your offspring so much that it manifests in this way. So his child indeed produced the album, he was the driving emotional force behind it. That's so very right.

Listen to Don't Quit (feat. Travis Scott & Jeremih) by DJ Khaled & Calvin Harris