Listen to How Will I Know by Sam Smith

Warning: tissues needed. Many of them.

I first became aware of this take on the classic Whitney Houston a couple weeks ago, when I watched my daughter dance to it in a recital. I did not know this version of one of my all time favorite songs existed. Watching my child and her group preform this slow, haunting, magnificent routine set to this song was extremely powerful. It was so beautiful for so many reasons. My tears rushed from bar one. I love Sam Smith. His singing is so raw, so imploring. It's not just his voice, it's the impact of emotional awareness in his delivery. My daughter is a wonderful dancer. So focused, so in tune with the rhythm. She's like me in the sense that she's a raw nerve. She feels extremely deeply, and is blessed to use her body's movements in a way that she can release her feelings. She's also a phenomenal singer, and is extremely creative. She was so lost in her dancing, and in this song. I'm grateful this song is now a part of my life, it moves me tremendously. I want all things to move me and make me feel. How will you know if he really loves you? If he plays you this. Then you'll know. And love you he will, snotty tissues and all. 💙💚💙💚