These ladies put silk pajamas on the map. I remember this video so clearly. I was in high school, and TLC was the shit. The ultimate girl group, before the concept of girl groups was invented in a laboratory, just to make a quick buck and gain 14 minutes of fame. T Boz, Left Eye, and Chili seemed so strong and clear in their message of female directness and awareness. They were not taking crap from no one. I often lament, as does everyone from my generation, on the extinction of a great music videos. It really is a bummer. A great visual always imprinted the song in the head of the viewer, not just engaging the ears, but the eyes as well. It helped us feel the music more. Which is why more than twenty years later, I feel exactly the same now when I hear this song as I did back then, in a former life. What defines this video for me is its simplicity in the wardrobe and dance moves. Three ladies, each in a pair of monochromatic, brightly colored silk pajamas, bottom buttons open to the middle, exposing three perfect stomachs. Slowly gyrating so confidently. It was all that was needed. Today, these girl groups rely on being practically nude to get noticed. Pajamas in 2017 would be akin to a nun's habit. It is no longer enough bodily exposure. Which also speaks to the standards of current music... song of the day

listen to creep by tlc

I happen to love wearing silk pajamas out of the house, they're so chic. I always think of TLC when I do. They also used to wear denim overalls a lot as a signature look, which I love too. I once met Chili at an MTV event. She is agelessly beautiful and her abs are still insane. Most importantly, she was so nice and approachable! Grab a couple of your girlfriends, get crazysexycool like TLC, and make this your next karaoke jam. When you get home you can fall right into bed😄