Girl Next Door. Kind of...

Well, I guess this all depends on what your door looks like😉. I chose this title since this ensemble evokes a classic white tee and denim feel, only winterized and massively updated. I never wear head to toe one designer (lame city), but each piece here is DKNY.

Chery at the flagship in Soho is the best stylist; she really upped my game this season. Fantastic taste. This is a clean, easy, yet well structured look that is endlessly cool and chic in its simplicity. I went wild over the wide scale legs of the jeans. In general I love wide scale fashion. It's way cooler to not have everything be skintight. It actually shows more confidence to not require your clothes to look spray painted on. I loved everything about these pants: the wide contrasting color cuff, the dark wash which had a 50's feel, the high waste, and the cute writing on the tush, which is a clever nod to how people mispronounce DKNY.

The cropped cream turtleneck sweater is soft and sexy. It's an essential building block of cold weather yumminess. It's clean and crisp, and softly accompanies the statement of the denim. These chunky, military style, black patent leather boots blew my mind. I loved their badass look. I love wearing them with long skirts,or a feminine slip dress for effortless contrast. They're also practical when doing a photo shoot in muddy woods😝. My necklace, a favorite of mine,is from W. Britt.  Brit, who btw is an incredibly lovely woman and dear friend, uses industrial looking materials, which makes her pieces so unique and fabulous. I like things that look like other things, so if I'm wearing something that looks like it came from a hardware store then 👏🏻.

This silver studded horseshoe pendant hits at the perfect length on the chest, I tend to favor more length. It's a clean, strong statement piece but it's unfussy in its statement. That works here since the rest of the outfit is comprised of the same message. The Alexander McQueen sunglasses work well since they too,have a retro shape and color. The lenses feel 70's to me but the skull detail, his signature,keeps them super Alexander. Let's end this post with a little backstory about when I purchased the sunglasses.

Picture it: girl walks out of her NYC fancy shmancy salon, after having just got her hair cut and colored. Girl feels like a million bucks (girl needed it that day). Girl struts down Madison Avenue in search of a Father's Day gift, hair flowing in the spring breeze. Girl is happy, her shit is together. Girl enters the super intimidating Alexander McQueen store, where she is not greeted by the dozen, unsmiling, black clad salespeople. Girl is the only customer, and the quiet feels like a library. Girl tumbles down a flight of steps in the store, the kind of tumble where she is face planted on the floor, with the contents of her purse everywhere, one shoe off, and a vicious bruise on her knee. Girl is beyond mortified, her mojo is ruined. But she gets up, fixes herself, collects all the random crap in her purse she didn't even know she was carrying around. It's her only recourse. Girl looks at the aforementioned snide salespeople and says in a controlled manner, as if nothing happened, "how much are those sunglasses please?" Girl rerouted the moment. As she always does. And again, she drops the mic🎤