O.M.G. When Eminem isn't writing about chopping his mother and ex-wife into pieces and burying them alive, hey, no judgements! We've all gotta emote. Better to write about it than actually do it๐Ÿ˜.  Those songs are great too, the guy just never gets it wrong.


Listen to Desperation by Eminem

"It ain't love... It's desperation..." He nails it. Clinging to someone for the wrong reasons. Being addicted to another person and the destruction that comes attached to that. When love is a hard, street drug. Even if it's high quality expensive kind the trust fund babies can afford. I love the honesty here. And who is more honest than this guy? He's fearless in his ability and need to say it like it is. And in a time where we are inundated with such phoniness, lies, and delusion perpetuated by the anarchistic state that is social media, Eminem is so elusive but more brutally honest than anyone. We don't see him pumping gas or buying himself a latte at Starbucks, but hello, WE DO NOT WANT TO. He's not a candidate for an article about "stars, they're just like us!" because he's not just like us. He's better. That's why he's still one of our most trusted messengers. We are so restricted in what we feel we can express, especially as women and as mothers. He doesn't operate like that, doesn't care at all what the reaction or backlash could result in. He isn't lollipops and rainbows. He isn't love and hope. He's the truth in the human condition. He is my ultimate fantasy for a Howard interview. I seriously pray that day comes. And that they keep Benji out of the studio that day. I'm optimistic. And when that day comes, I'll hang on his every word. Like I do with his song lyrics. Em, can I call you that? Thank you. Don't stop. Your demographic reaches far wider than even you may know.