One D🤘🏻❌⭕️


Hey, there‼️ How are ya today❓So this shirt holds meaning for me for several reasons. I love the boy band One Direction, and am not over the fact that they broke up. I mean I'm not obsessed with them like I am over Led Zeppelin, but their music gives me a huge kick in the pants. That being said, the solo efforts of Zayne, Niall, and Liam have been very impressive. I did NOT see the Liam thing coming. I'd assumed he'd be the one to fade into oblivion. I happily stand corrected!

Since the group is no longer, that makes this shirt a collectors item. I do love the baseball T style, just the right dose of tomboy "yeah whatever". The other, and more important reason why I love this shirt is because my mother in law bought it for me. Awhile back, when she was pretty ill with cancer, she insisted on taking my girls to the One D pop up shop in Times Square. She was so cute, she kept referring to the band as One Dimension. That store was a madhouse, and I went so that she wouldn't get washed away in a sea of fandom. She loved comparing this to Beatlemania. We loved hearing her wax nostalgic about her own adolescent musical tastes. She honestly wasn't really up for this outing, but she wanted to keep her promise to her granddaughters, that she'd go with them. This shirt was her gift to me that day. Mothers in law typically buy other kinds of gifts; jewelry, Shabbos candlesticks, a purse etc. But mine got the perfect thing for me.  It was an unique, fun gift indicative of our unique, fun bond. We both got a big kick out of silly stuff like this.

I'm grateful she insisted on going, despite my trying to convince her to stay home and rest. My girls have a beautiful memory of their Baba. What better concert merch is there❓Making memories from music is everlasting. The embroidered bell bottoms, a style my MIL loved back in her day, were the perfect pairing. I actually began this look with the jeans. Yeah, it could have worked with a white t shirt, but that's so boring. The fun jeans required the right top to maintain the kicky mood throughout. The red in both pieces works together. I love how 🔴 keeps working its way into my outfits. Such a bold, proud color. These jeans were a real find at Century 21, when I was hunting for cool stuff for Fashion Week. Treasure trove‼️. I'm going to have fun wearing these... As far as my life in general, things are moving in One Direction💌🔝.

Only way to go is forward and up. Thanks, Mom, for continuously inspiring me in so many ways. Look what we got from just buying a silly t shirt... ❌⭕️❌⭕️, Lady Blaga