Tweedy Bird


J'adore a cool suit! Having been forced to wear them in my youth, as in from the time I was 10, I naturally became revolted by them and took a long hiatus. Elementary school girls need not look like they are en route to chair the annual  Hadassah luncheon. I didn't shop for myself, but I think that may just have been the style in the 80's. Thanks, Dynasty! Suits, SHOULDER PADS, double breasted everything, oy vey. That look suited almost no one. The right suit, however, is a fabulous wardrobe essential. When worn in an unexpected way, you take an old classic and instantly make it cool and current. My suits of yesteryear were worn with white tights ugly pumps, and a pin of some sort. A pin??? I was not allowed to leave the house unless my hair was straightened. I was essentially indiscernible from every Bubbie.

I re embraced suits several years ago, loving how chill they could look with a cool t shirt and sneakers. I love menswear, and I feel thin when my clothing is a little loose on me😝, so a relaxed fit works beautifully. This J crew spring tweed never lets me down. It's pulled together, whether I'm wearing a classic fitted button down or a funny t shirt. I like to juxtapose the inherent seriousness of a suit with humor underneath. Otherwise we are back to Carrington territory. I like my clothing to have personality and some kind of easy message. One day that message might be strength, one day glamour, one day funny. Mood dependent. This time I put on a witty T from Unfortunate Portrait and old school Doc Martens, another classic. I dress super quickly, and this outfit really put me on the express lane. Three pieces, shoes, out the door. The jacket looks great on, off, or over the shoulders. Cool, comfortable, clean. Tweed doesn't mean Town and Country uptight. T shirts don't mean shlumpy. Doc Martens don't mean you're clinging to your youth. Nothing means anything. It's all how you feel.

Kill it today, LB