Queen of the Crop


This two piece cropped situation is a Lady Blaga fave. It's DKNY doing its thang, mixing strength and womanhood. Structure and hotness. There is just the right sliver of tummy showing, while the rest of the top is built up and the skirt is long, resulting in subtle🔥.

I love the bold print and neutral color scheme. This is a statement ensemble, in a very confident, assured way. This looks good with cool black sneakers, flats, or heels. DKNY is always versatile that way. The key accessory here is my adorable mini medicine tote. Classic yet dainty, again mixing moods like the outfit does. The bag is so cute with just the right dose of structure. Imagine prancing out of your doctor's office with all your fun prescription pills given in this tiny swag bag💊💊💊🙋🏼💤 

I love how A.V.I gave us an alternative sizing for a tote. Why are totes always so freaking huge??? Totes not necessary. All that's needed here are some yellow gold accessories, no necklace. Keep the look streamlined and in control. Remain that way throughout the entire day. Doctor's orders. Love, the B 🐝