Hello From the Other Side...Of the Stage


That Adele is a goddess of epic proportions is news to no one. For my daughter's bat mitzvah, my legendary brother in law LL (not as in Cool J) wanted to get her "an experience as a gift". I had JUST heard that Adele would be starting a tour some months later, so I suggested that.

Her shows obviously sell out in a nanosecond, but this guy is a champion gift giver, and if anyone could do it...

 He's the type who will stop at nothing to make others happy, so I was very excited to tell my daughter about her upcoming sleep over with none other than musical sorceress Adele. When show time finally fell upon us, my girls were set to go together, and I bought a last minute random seat a few rows behind to keep an eye on them. I've heard those Adele shows get pretty darn rowdy.

I am obsessed with concerts since I'm a kid.  I think my actual first was Madonna's Blond Ambition tour in fourth grade. Not a bad beginning. It was the era of cone bras, Dick Tracy, her Gaultier phase. Mad love from this lil fan. I dressed as Madonna for Purim on more than one occasion. I feverishly chase the unity, life, breath, and inspiration that I feel most at concerts. Thousands of folks there for one reason. It recharges my batteries like nothing else. I feel an overwhelming gratitude towards humanity and what we are capable of producing.

Sitting alone at Adele was my first solitary concert. I happen to love being alone. I genuinely enjoy my own company. I love people too and am very social, and quite adept at it, but I can be quite solitary. I love that about myself. This show was three hours of the most intense therapy, it was nothing short of cathartic. I have never seen a more honest, more generous performer. She was majestic. She was funny. She was loving, inclusive, respectful of her staff, she shared every detail about her beyond genius creative process. Things we were hungry to know. She's a mommy who fed her babies what they needed. You felt so loved in that audience. Just being in her presence is uplifting.  It felt like we were in a thirty-person bar instead of massive MSG. 

This woman somehow made this huge commercial event the most intimate, beautiful setting for creative explosion.  It was as if she was holding the hands of each member of the audience, giving each a private lesson about the beauties and dangers of love. I'd have listened to her read the dictionary. Her speaking voice is just as lovely.  I was thrilled to have my daughters fully grasp the magic of music, and the impact that Adele has, her being the most incredible role model for young girls today. I don't think there wasn't an audience member who didn't float out of the show that night, given strength, hope, and empowerment. Watching my kids see these concerts through my eyes is one of my favorite lessons to teach them. We didn't sit together, but we shared one heart that night.

Oh, and I met Fran Lebowitz at the concert. So for this Lady, that was one damn perfect New York night. When lyrics, melody, and rhythm bring together humans from all walks of life, that is when we begin to walk together. Step by step, we have each other. 

Lyrically yours, Lady Blaga