Booster Squad

I'm pretty sure I first heard this term used in the Sweet Valley high book series of 80's fame. They could not print those books fast enough for Jewish, sequestered me. I mean, not one but TWO IDENTICAL shiksa goddesses. In what magical land did Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield exist?! A mythical place full of sunshine, natural blond hair, and a legitimate social life. California.

I recall not being able to process when those girls would get together with their frenemies (I'm talking to you, Lila Fowler) after school. On school nights. During the week. What??? In the far less glamorous bowels of Essex County, New Jersey, with my yeshivah schedule which basically had me coming home at 11:30 pm, it was enough of a challenge to not be a loser during school hours, let alone after. Not happening.

I came home, did homework, ate lots of cut up cantaloupe, and maybe snuck in a sitcom or if I was lucky, a prank call. Old school, pre iPad fun. We had to be resourceful in those times. There was no Siri or Alexa to wipe our asses for us, and we were sooooo much better off. But I digress. Back to the twins.

They looked exactly alike, wore matching necklaces (what the F is a lavalier?), and were a "perfect size 6"  (that would NEVER get published today, which is so funny).  Elizabeth was the smart bookworm while cooler, more 80's teen villain Jessica was on the booster squad. Think cheerleading light. Clearly these books have zero to do with this photo other than a random word association, but the point is that we all need a boost. With all this stuff written about, preached, talked about in the way of self-love, inner peace, and empowerment, the truth is we cannot do it alone.

We need others. It's why God created friendship. It's why support groups are a real thing. Why therapists, analysts, psychiatrists, and psychologists have such booming careers. Humans need other humans (and animals too!). It's ok to ask. It's even better to be open to receiving. What's not ok is to have your fly open while two hot guys hoist you off the ground. Or maybe it is. I'll ask my Open Fly support group and let you know...