Beats = Breath

Music is my life.  Always been breath to me.  I have chased the feeling music brings me like a junkie chasing her next fix.  Music is the only thing that can truly distract me from the messiness of my thoughts.  The beats enter my body, pour through my bloodstreams, and I’m in the zone.  My musical taste is vast and eclectic.  The movie “Almost Famous” (Kate Hudson) is too painful for me to watch, because it kills me that I wasn’t alive at that particular time in history.  Really, I can’t watch it.  The FOMO cuts like a knife.

I have wanted to be a DJ for a few years now.  I chalked it up to the “yeah, right” list I kept in my head.  How defeatist is that??  It took me two years to mention this to my kids’ music teacher, Ben.  Ben found me the info for Scratch DJ Academy in NYC and checked weekly to see if I made the call.  It took another six months until I could even call to register.  I was shaking on the phone, but the ever rad and gorgeous DJ NYLA was so encouraging!  I am proudly and excitedly continuing my classes with full force.  DJ ESQUIRE is the best instructor.  We are having a ball.  I’m innately a bit scared of technology, so I will overcome that.  The day I can lose myself in a spinning session and just create musical atmosphere, and say my piece through song and inject a room with my love of lyrics, I will be one ecstatic lady! Being a part of the musical community has been a dream of mine forever.  I love the way DJ’s talk to each other, move around one another, I love their body language.  The swag, the fraternity of it all.  The unity.  It’s an unspoken brotherhood (and sisterhood!) of beatz.

Sign me up!
Oh wait, I did that… YAASSS


Listen to 'Till I Collapse
(feat. Nate Dogg)
by Eminem 

There is no artist who pushes me more than the prophet Eminem.  He is the world’s greatest motivational lyricist.  I dream of him knowing how much he means to me.  He is a formidable MC.  Everything he’s ever done still resonates.  I might go into cardiac arrest if I ever heard him on Howard Stern, my other idol.  Baba Booey, do something!  Can’t we get Mr. Mathers for an interview??

This song can push me through anything.  Anything.  From beat one, I instantly feel I can kick some serious ass.  I can make it through.  ‘Till I collapse.