In Da Club


Ok, third and final bar mitzvah look. I chose this five minutes before I left the house, and ran to meet the bus taking my son’s friends to the kids’ party at Marquee in New York. Much to his chagrin I wanted to ride the bus with the kids to ensure no one was left behind. Of course there were bus counselors but I felt I needed to be in mom mode. This entire weekend was so special. I was on such a high for 72 hours. After my son kicked butt reading his Torah portion, and I successfully delivered my speech off the cuff, I was ready to just relax and party. I hadn’t danced my butt off in awhile so it felt so good. I wanted to be cool but super comfortable. These shiny red liquid leggings from Norma Kamali never disappoint. I had just bought this rad new Scotch and Soda silk blazer the week before. The reds matched perfectly. The jacket gave me some breathing room over a navy lace bralette. My white Celine flat loafers with the subtle hardware nailed the entire look home. Seriously, go me for wearing flats to my own event. This ensemble really popped against the black backdrop of the nightclub. That wasn’t my intention but since most people came in black it was indeed nice to stand out as the hostess. It was a killer night. The music was great, the dancers were beyond talented and energetic, and every person there of any age had a blast. Every guest participated with a full heart the whole weekend. And that is what makes a milestone event beautiful. It’s true; you’re never fully dressed without a smile. And my son was beaming and soaking up his special moment, which he so deserved.


Mazal Tov Mama

IMG_6936 2.JPG

A while ago I had the concept for how I wanted to look for my son’s big Torah reading performance on the Shabbat day of his bar mitzvah. I am so not a fan of the whole faputzed bar mitzvah mother shtick (this post needs a glossary). The same blowout, the same nose job, the same Roland Mouret fitted dress yada yada yada. Your girl is not a conformist! But putting all that aside, I wanted to feel as natural and stripped down as possible. Feminine, soft, summery, and chilled out.


My son was born on the eve of the holiday of Shavuot, a time that commemorates the important wheat harvest in Israel. The story of the holiday mostly takes place in a wheat field. Not that any 13 year old boy would be caught dead frolicking through a wheat field with his mother, but that’s the look I was aiming for. Soft hippie boho chic. Enter my new favorite designer ever, Love Shack Fancy. I heard about their shop in downtown New York and hightailed it down there. It was love at first sight with me and this dress (and about seven others). Modest for synagogue, cream with tons of tiny buttons and detailing, this dress could not have been more perfect for a daytime summer event. I felt like the hostess with the mostess, mixed in with a dash of Mrs Havisham from Great Expectations. My hair look was a middle part with long, loose beachy waves with tiny little braids woven in. Hippie princess hair.

As the planning for the big day unfolded, the aesthetic and mood we wanted was also natural, gauzy, light, and fresh. Tons of fresh herbs and greenery, muslin, burlap, natural woods, and creamy linens. It was as if there was a bar mitzvah scene in The English Patient (worst movie). I really do not like high heels, but my friends told me if I showed up in my dying gold Birkenstock’s they’d clock me over the head with them. Understood. I found the most perfect kitten heeled rose colored satin slip ons. Diane B on the upper east side literally made me feel like Cinderella. I saw these shoes, put them on, and they were perfection. And go me for not teetering on 7 inch stilettos at my own event. I’m not sure why stilts seem to be a requirement for these affairs. I much prefer to stand out in an understated way. When you are radiating joy everyone will see you and feel you (a life lesson). I will wear this dress over and over, each time recalling how wonderful and beautiful this milestone was for my family.


Lady in Red

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 5.59.08 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 5.58.28 PM.png

So this was my bar mitzvah look numero uno, for a formal Friday night Shabbat dinner that followed prayer services. I love how this was not a new purchase; I’ve had it for two years and wore it only to be photographed for the blog and Instagram. It’s a fabulous, bright red, asymmetrical dress that is both classy and avant- guard. Half of one sleeve is missing, which is a very cool compliment to certain other classic detailing, such as all the tiny buttons running up the front. This is a major statement dress without being revealing. After all, I had to keep it somewhat modest for synagogue. As the hostess it was crucial I stay super elegant. But when this lady does elegant, it’s still bold and true to my taste.

I adore red. It’s such a powerful, confident color. I did a side part with my hair which is more formal than my usual middle. Very Veronica Lake. All my accessories were yellow gold, including the delicate strappy sandals I wore (the pictures here show wedges since I wore those for the blog shoot with this dress originally). This was a perfect Friday night bar mitzvah mommy look. That night started off what was to be a truly magical weekend, full of family, friends, and incredibly joyous vibes and energy. Exactly what my son deserved after he had studied his Torah portion so hard for over a whole year. Red is most certainly a celebratory color. This look began the festivities with a bang️.

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 5.58.50 PM.png

Red Rooster 🐓


  I so enjoy collecting things to wear in random, unexpected places. Jewelry sold on the street, a hat at a garage sale, and in this case a t shirt at a restaurant. Not a cheesy, mass produced t shirt about the establishment (though the right one can be ironically cool), but a hand painted t shirt sold by the artist in a corner near the entrance. If you’ve ever been to the Red Rooster in Harlem then perhaps you know what I’m referring to.

I met a friend for drinks there a few months ago and immediately spotted this dope array of hand painted stuff. What caught my eye amongst all the fun visuals to take in, was this rack with these amazing aprons. I actually have an apron collection that I love and use. I hope my girls wear them one day. All of my girlfriends are terrific cooks but none of them really wear aprons. They get a kick out of always seeing me in one. What would I wipe my hands on?? I debated on whether to buy a shirt or apron. My friend correctly stated, “you have enough aprons” so I went with the t shirt. I probably have a thousand more t shirts then aprons at home, but his advice made sense at the time and it was the right move for a couple reasons. The shirt is painted with the image of a rooster, a cool nod to the spot. I also really like the symbolism of a rooster, which is essentially “wake the F up!!”. I’m thinking of cutting off one sleeve, the one without paint. I’ve never tried that before, usually I hack both off since I love the cut of a muscle T. But I think the asymmetry could look very cool. The hat here is 18 years old. I have a good straw fedora collection too. The denim cutoffs are from Target. See? Random is good. Collect, combine, curate, and create.

Oh, Catherine 👗


 Thank the Lord I kept this one! I had a real love affair with anything that said “Catharine Malandrino” on the label many moons ago. I bought this beautiful dress when I still lived in New York, I believe 17 years ago. As my body changed over the years, yo-yoing all over the place due to the craziness of pregnancy and post pregnancy, there were times I just didn’t look good in this. And what do we do when something makes us feel bad about ourselves? We get rid of it. Meaning, instead of facing certain truths we eliminate threats. Often this is necessary and healthy, but I shudder to think of all the amazing clothing I got rid of because I convinced myself I had put on muscle mass from working out . Sex and the City was huge at the time and this definitely reminded me of Carrie. It has a vintage feel because of the colors, satin, and cut. Very 70’s. It’s just a super feminine, lovely frock that hugs in a the right places. I haven’t tried it on in years but I must say this is the best it’s ever looked. Reunited and it feels so good. I love these delicious golden and peachy colors with gold and straw accessories.

Fresh in Ganesh


Ob. Sessed. With this clothing brand in Bali called Warriors of the Divine. I found them on Instagram. Their clothing is handmade, fair trade, such good quality, and arrives quickly in the mail. I’ve received their packages from Bali faster than my friends in my neighborhood received my son’s bar mitzvah invitations. I’m not even kidding, the state of the postal service is depressing.

As many of you know, I have really found comfort and growth in yoga and zen philosophy. Ganesh is a Hindu god and a prime symbol of yogic tenants. He is the elephant god and symbolizes many things, including overcoming obstacles and staying positive and in control. He remains playful and joyful despite obvious physical challenges. I love clothing with meaning which is why a kimono with a message is perfect. This robe is the statement piece. Worn barefoot over classic jeans and a tank top, with only Mala beads as an accessory, this look was my fave from the shoot. This robe is glamorous and could also be worn as an overcoat on top of a cocktail dress. I wore it over a black jumpsuit and huge earrings to meet Diane Von Fürstenberg a couple weeks ago (name drop!). I got a ton of compliments over the originality of the piece. It was gratifying to align fashion with spirituality. I like wearing my heart and soul on my sleeve🕉.


Never Gets Old


Denim and white is this incredible pairing that just never gets old. Always feels fresh. There’s just something that’s ridiculously appealing about it. What better, more classic way to give this new top a whirl than by putting it with a mid length denim skirt? So feminine, Springy, clean, and pretty. I’m obsessed with this new white wrap top with lace detail from Love Shack Fancy (love shack Ba-a-byyyyy). It wraps perfectly, meaning it wraps well and lays right. It’s annoying when a wrap item puckers and then you wind up fussing with it the whole time. Not comfortable or attractive. I dig the combo of the romantic vibe with the solid feel of the denim. Any color denim works with white, but I liked the mid level wash here because it gave enough contrast while still feeling soft (as opposed to a dark rinse). This look can be work day to evening for a dinner on the earlier side. Like I wouldn’t wear this to go out at 10 o’clock at night but it’s perfect to grab the early bird special. Keep the accessories neutral and soft. Jewelry gold or neutral, maybe a little infusion of turquoise depending on the shoe and bag choice. This whole look should read as easy, classic, and fresh. Exactly the mood we want on a Spring day.

Overall It Works


I have always had a thing for overalls. Since I was in middle school. I have them in several forms, my favorite being this ripped light wash pair from Current and Elliot. It immediately puts me in a TLC zone from the 90’s. This skirt version is so cute too but gets less airtime. They seem to be mood and level of bloat depending. I’m a little on the fence about the whole “age appropriate” thing but screw it. I can still get away with this when it’s done tastefully, as is often the case. This cute little Rag and Bone top works so well. I love the classic summer white with the light blue detailing. I slipped on brightly colored Birkenstock’s which is my summer go to. I do have them in white but that’s too obvious. A pop of fun color was needed. After all, this look is all about cute and fun. My whole life feels much more youthful than it did ten years ago. It’s nice to see that reflect in my wardrobe. These overalls would work over a tank, a tee, or even the right button down and heels. What can you think of from the wardrobe of your youth that can be reintroduced today?

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 3.21.20 PM.png

Coat Dress


I love when items are multipurpose. It’s always a delightful surprise; “look! This chair is made of edible plant based protein!”. When versatility translates to clothing it’s just as fun. I bought this lightweight jacket in Tel Aviv on my most recent trip to Israel. Tel Aviv has some excellent avant- guard fashion. I love going to Israel and really treasure what I find there, whether it’s an item of religious significance or anything else. I stayed in the artsy area of Neve Tzedek with my daughter in February. While wandering the little side streets I found this great boutique, Juliette. I loved this light as air, color blocked jacket. I loved the contrast of the gray and blush pink, the popped collar, and the drawstring cords. And of course that it wasn’t clear if it was a jacket or dress. Let’s make it both. I love adding to the color blocking with a clean white shoe, be it a sneaker, flat, or bootie. I wore this to synagogue recently and it was a super cool five second look. Effortless, chic, and innovative.


Apres Shabbos

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 5.41.25 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 5.41.43 PM.png

 If you’re an observant Jew, the words “after Shabbos” are part of your vernacular. It’s always been so amusing to me that this day of rest which we all look forward to, gets forgotten about in two seconds as soon as it’s technically over. Even from childhood that transition from quiet and staying put to tv, phone calls, and a maniacal need to make plans has made me anxious. It’s too startling a shift. It still bothers me; “what’s the rush?” I’ll hold onto tranquility as much as I can. It saddens me that my kids, and certainly myself, lunge for our phones as soon as we can. That driving need for technology and distraction. Oh well, such is modern life. At least we do have the gift of those stripped down 25 hours once a week.

I don’t view Shabbos as religious. Personally, I see it as required detox that does indeed force us to sit with ourselves. If done mindfully, we will automatically connect to God. I wish everyone would keep it, not just Jews. I’ve always felt blessed to have been raised with Shabbos in my routine. Having said that, I ordered this custom tank top from my fave Kidd’s boutique, Gigi and Lo. My friend Elisha who owns the store is a hilarious human. I look at her and laugh. Her humor and pizazz shine through in her incredibly curated inventory. Her children’s clothing ranges from classy and understated to “rah rah let’s party!”. There’s something for everyone taste wise. I saw Elisha designing custom “apres pool” children’s wear on her instagram last year. I loved the nod to the whole “apres ski” genre; that category alone is so satirical to me. My crazy Jewess brain naturally went to “apres Shabbos” and Elisha was happy to bring my lil vision to fruition.  This tank cracks me up. I will incorporate humor anywhere I can. I love pairing this silly shirt with a more serious pants suit. This look here was a great transitional move. A light boyfriend blazer that is easily removed when temperatures warm up. A tank and leather pants never need an explanation. These rad shades were found on sale in a random bin in a nutso boutique in Tel Aviv, which leads me to believe they might not actually be Miu Miu (who cares). Peeps, I highly recommend paying Gigi and Lo a visit. It’s located in Teaneck, New Jersey. It’s a magnificent store with a delightful range of children’s clothing and accessories. You’ll have the best dressed kid at the party (not that you care about that, of course not).

Must Have Mala

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 12.32.14 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 12.31.33 PM.png

Another item I do not leave home without are my mala beads. Given to me by my yoga teacher as a gift while doing a 40 hour workshop at my studio, this 108 bead I necklace is always on my person. It reminds me to be preset, stay calm, that peace is always available to me, and to be patient. As in, I’ll count them with a mantra while waiting in line. That’s practical, immediate patience, not just more abstract “trust the process” patience. I once lent them to a woman sobbing on a plane. I counted them on line with my son at a museum. I pray on them during flight turbulence. I wear them on my wrist wrapped as a bracelet or as a necklace. They make me feel safe and aware during uncomfortable encounters. This particular one is a brown wood. It’s neutral and goes with anything, as does yogic philosophy. Essentially the mala beads remind me of how I want to conduct myself. They also remind me that I’m not merely an individual. That I’m part of something so much greater on a cosmic and collective level. I feel connected to anyone else I see wearing them. They evoke warmth in me when I think of my special spiritual community in New Jersey. I left this set at a store a few weeks ago. Not knowing if I’d see them again I took to Amazon and bought a bunch more in a variety of colors. I love layering them or wearing one on each wrist. I’ve wrapped them around an ankle too. They’re truly a comfort to me and hold me to a higher, more conscious standard of living. They represent a natural state of being, which is a healthy antidote to fashion. 

Blaga’s Season Must Have

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 6.54.49 PM.png

One of my top three warm weather must haves are sarongs in a variety of colors and patterns. As I continue down the boho chic style path (barefoot), which I’m loving, I have been showing my sarong collection some big hippie chic love. I say “collection” because I have been acquiring more lately on my travels. I have recently been fortunate enough to have traveled to several South American countries. These places have some wonderful fabrics in every color and pattern you can imagine. Batik, watercolor florals, elephants, embroidery, striped, you name it. Gone are the days where sarongs are only used on the beach. I have been also wearing mine as scarves for both head and neck, as a tube top knotted behind my back, as a halter dress, a strapless dress belted or not, as a chic outdoor blanket, a summer tablecloth, a shawl, and of course as a sexy skirt on the beach. Last week in Florida I wore my old embroidered white one slung low on my hips with an open linen button down shirt over my bikini top and mala bead necklace. It was an awesomely effortless and practical poolside look. I’d even wear a sarong as a regular skirt on a hot day. I love repurposing everything and I always have a sarong in my beach bag since they’re so versatile. I’ve also used them as pretty picnic blankets, which creates such a fresh summery vibe even if you’re spontaneously lunching in the middle of a city. Those of you with babies can use them as light blankets or to drape over the stroller to shield your pup from the sun. I bet most of you own at least one sarong; this summer season make extra use out of this always pretty and purposeful item.

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 6.54.34 PM.png

Anna Sui, Remember Me?

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 11.03.28 AM.png

Boy, do I recall how excited I was to buy this Anna Sui silk, billowy top. I acquired this 20 years ago. I had been a rabid fan of her designs for years, and even having a sock from one of your fashion idols is thrilling. I still love this shirt. The tan, red, and blue color scheme feels vintage to me, while the loose fit feels boho. Thank god I didn’t give this away in one of my bi annual frantic closet cleaning binges. A few years went by where I didn’t wear it but I never wanted to get rid of it. Now it’s a vintage Anna Sui piece. Always hold on to your designer stuff!! The blouse works tucked in or out I happen to like a blousy look, but it’s also nice accentuate the fact that you’re not pregnant. Hence the tight jeans. I love this hat, you’ve seen it before. I always get sad when the time to put away my fabulous winter hats arrives. But that means the straw ones that I’ve been collecting for decades. They need fresh air too. This is a good seasonally transitional look; fitted denim, a silk shirt in a warm color palette, and a wide brim hat to add some drama and depth. I’d wear this under my vintage fur vest you’ve seen dozens of times. It’s cool how even a subtle designer item can elevate an outfit.

Jacket Kept On


Starting from the time in high school when I used safety pins as hair barrettes, I’ve always loved “using things for other things”. That includes using outerwear as the outfit, be it a long jacket worn belted as a dress or a shorter one used as a top. This Elizabeth and James swing tuxedo jacket is soft in color but sexy in style. Keeping it on over a black lace bralette makes it a shirt. It’s a cool contrast between the obvious coverage of a blazer with the low neckline that exposes hints of black lace. This is a great going out to dinner look. I paired it with the leather Rag and Bone pants that I wear constantly. The leather has stretched out over my ass to the point where these pants are ridiculously comfortable. I recall being scared to buy them. I thought it would be a demeaning process trying to wrestle into them, they’d be too constricting etc. I seriously love them and they always make me feel good. They were a splurge but so worth it, considering how much airtime they get. This look would look great with heels or chic sneakers, which fortunately applies to many looks of today. I love how the lower neckline of the jacket can accommodate a funky statement necklace, which is needed to really take this ensemble into “fun night in the town”. Of course, if your bralette is of the crop top ilk (as opposed to a bra), you can always take off the jacket if you’re in the mood, on a dance floor, or simply taking advantage of the two weeks out of the month when you’re not bloated.


Feather Bed


What else do you title a post about an ensemble made of your favorite silk pajama top and feathered skirt? This outfit surprised me, in that I didn’t think it would look good together in actuality. I gave it a shot, mixing pieces in an unexpected way; this can either be a genius move or epic fail (both gross exaggerations of course. I’m neither Einstein nor the guy who made everyone panic about Y2K). But from a fashion perspective it is indeed very cool when you can completely rework and repurpose an item of clothing. It speaks to creativity, chutzpah, and individuality. This feathered DKNY skirt is def a statement piece. I feel it makes my ass look twice it’s normal size, but no one notices because there are feathers literally everywhere. The Rag and Bone silk pajama top is easily one of my favorite items in my entire closet. I always feel so good in it. I love the loose pajama top look over skinny jeans and motorcycle boots. The burgundy and navy top contrasted beautifully with the cream colored skirt here. There was something effortless about knotting the top to make the proportions work. I bought the large flower thing decades ago, during that Carrie Bradshaw flower craze. I’ve worn it never. Sticking it in my hair was a last minute playful (god, I hate that word when it’s applied to anything but puppies) move that looked cute. A guy I dated recently told me an outfit he liked on my Instagram was playful and I wanted to vomit. Anyhoo, I’d totally wear this look to a party, and add five points knowing it’d be the most unique look there🏻. Statement skirt, a tied silk top, complementary heels, optional señorita flower. Just don’t make the flower a fresh one, that somehow changes the mood to cringeworthy. I can’t explain it, just trust me. 


An LBD, LB Style


Everyone knows that an essential piece in every chick’s closet in an LBD, a Little Black Dress. It always looks good, sexy, and can be dressed up or down. It’s a versatile item that you can have for decades, if it’s a fairly classic style and your body doesn’t radically change. I generally like to dress more interestingly than a little black one piece wonder, but sometimes there is no denying the ease and power of the black cocktail dress. This Roland Mouret number has been my friend for maybe 9 years now. It still looks great on its own or jazzed up, like it is here. Just because a black dress can carry itself, doesn’t mean it has to all the time (hence, the versatility). I always feel that outerwear is just as important as the main outfit component, even if it’s going straight to be hung up in the coat closet. Btw, I hate checking my coats; I’m always worried they won’t be there when I go to retrieve them (yeah yeah, non attachment, I know. I try.).

This was the first time I busted out this new purple iridescent blazer. I’m kind of obsessed with it. The color, sheen, and the ringmaster cut make it so fresh and fabulous. I love shimmer and it felt very festive yet chic to head out for the night in this jacket. The purple feathered collar is one of my fave accessories. I can only use it sparingly, and it’s been awhile since I wore it last. I love a funky collared piece. What drove home this look to make it black tie, despite the dress being shorter, were the magnificent pieces of jewelry from the new Rami Gem collection. Rami happens to be a close friend of mine, and has exquisite taste in the finest gemstones. He is my go to jewelry designer whenever I need major bling. His work is always show stopping yet classy. Anything ostentatious or too in your face isn’t for me. I trust his taste completely, and he has a huge selection to perfect any look. The cool thing about accessorizing a little black dress is that you can remove the added pieces when you want to get down and dance and still look amazing. I love when an outfit is flexible and modular like that. Rigidity sucks, right? Clothing works for you, not the other way around. A little black dress, a fabulous statement blazer, funky neckwear, and fantastic jewelry. Just make sure the accessories work together and not compete with one another. You’ll know. If not, less is more and stick to one statement element. Bye🕺🏽


Orange Jam🍊


 I love orange! Bold and bright, it knows how to confidently make a statement. This  skirt, while not in your face, stands out for its particular shade of orange as well as it’s midi length and soft pleating. It’s gratifying when a piece you never thought you’d get so much use out of proves you wrong. This skirt is fairly new and I paired it with this top I’ve had for about 17 years. Of course, you’ve all seen this belt a million times. That’s simply because it works with almost everything, despite its large scale. It’s also the only good black belt I have. I’ve always loved this top. It was my first silk blouse ever I think. The collar is so ladylike and delicate, which is why I like to rough up the sleeves by keeping them unbuttoned. The gray, black, yellow and orange color palette printed on silk is also a nice contrast of strong and soft. This shirt is deceptive in that it’s very modest but not really conservative (which to me is a synonym for boring). Belting the top over the orange pleated skirt sticks with the modest yet interesting theme. It’s perfect for Shabbat or holidays. Major bonus points for being flowy and comfortable. This is true effortless chic, which is why I went with this hairstyle. A black boyfriend blazer would top this off to add another layer. Contrast the feminine silhouette of the outfit with the relaxed boyfriend fit of the jacket, and keep the blazer on the longer side to stay close to the longer length of the shirt. You want some of the shirt peeking out but not too much or it will look disproportionate. This look is a great template for experimenting with bolder colors while not feeling like a clown🤡. Choose one bright piece and mix it with neutrals in your comfort zone. It can be an accessory too. One of my favorite looks is to pair a navy dress with neon orange shoes. Color is fun. It makes people happy. Enough with the all black already!

The 🦋Effect, Part 2


 So this second look was an impromptu addition to this last shoot. I love to maximize my time as much as I can when photographing, and before I changed out of this top and jeans, I quickly changed the look. It was an easy transformation since the main pieces stayed on. I undid my hair and swapped the  palm tree cardigan for a vintage Marc Jacobs corduroy jacket. That was all it took to give this butterfly blouse and bellbottoms a whole new feel. I love this jacket. I forget about it a lot so it doesn’t get as much airtime as it should. My louder, larger coats overpower it so I don’t even see it in the coat closet. But when I do spot it, it’s like, ah...there you are! The neutral color, cropped length, and feminine sleeve shape add instant effortless chic. This jacket requires zero thought. It’s a terrific lightweight yet substantial essential piece, due to the soft corduroy material. Who doesn’t love corduroy? It’s so yummy in its sensibility. It is the embodiment of Autumn, but will help me stylishly transition into Spring as the cold temps lighten up. That’s a theme here with these two looks; chic, practical, whimsical looks that are grounded and can go from season to season. We have so much to learn from butterflies. The symbolism is endless. That must be why I love them so much, for what they represent. Mother Nature does it again; teaching us about style and evolution. Homegirl sure knows her stuff.

The 🦋 Effect


Who knew that a butterfly print would get me so much use?? This ancient J Crew silk button down seems to go with everything, including this Hawaiian print cardigan. I am a huge fan of a kitschy Hawaiian shirt, so I had to have this palm tree printed sweater from Scotch and Soda. I know of this company for its fabulous kids’ clothes, and I was psyched to come across their adult line. There are retro undertones in this ensemble; the bellbottom jeans that are ubiquitous in my wardrobe, the printed silk shirt, and the 70’s feel of the cardigan in both print and length.  Even the way my hair is styled hints at a throwback. I’m digging the chic mom on the go look. I definitely don’t look this put together when I’m shopping for snacks and soap at Target, but it’s my shoot and I’ll pretend if I want to. I love how this outfit is the perfect layered, transitional look going from Winter to Spring, which thankfully is around the corner. Ladies, try for a longer cardigan instead of a jacket as the weather gets warmer. Short cardigans look ridiculous on me, but this longer version felt more my speed. Stay tuned for Look 2 based on the 🦋 blouse. Repurposing is always the jam. 


Silver Fox

I love this coat. A metallic puffer is nothing new at the moment but whatever. It’s very warm, well structured, has a hood, and is super cute. We can’t always reinvent the wheel. My friend told me his ten year old daughter has the same coat. Again, whatever. Any whimsical black hat looks so cute with this jacket, as well as any black snow boot. My vintage moon boots are the best. I had the helium balloons leftover from my son’s birthday. An easy cute photo. Letting go of balloons is an uncomfortable sensation. One minute you’re holding on to something so joyful and pretty, the next minute they’re floating away from you destination unknown. It’s never easy to let go of something we love, even if it’s an inanimate object. Even balloons are a lesson in non attachment. Watching anyone or anything leave us is hard. Which is why warmth is important, namely inner warmth. The seasons will always change. Cold will always come. Staying insulated is a perspective as well as an outer necessity.