Her Name Was Lola. She Loved Granola.

So listen to this; I have the world's cutest JESScipe to share. It was totally unplanned.

I was preparing for a long flight, and was packing healthy snacks. Air travel can easily throw your eating habits completely off the rails. This sucks. You wind up nibbling on whatever junk is within reach, like a rat in a dumpster, and feel bloated and disgusting before you've reached your destination. Great🙄.

Among the little containers of almond, egg whites, and fruits and veggies I was making, it hit me to put together a healthy cereal for breakfast. All I'd need to ask for would be skim milk and a spoon. This cutie pie gets eaten directly out of the container. I took a small plastic, disposable container. It would be a pound size of something in a takeout place.

I mixed half a cup of Cheerios

half a cup of special K Protein Plus flakes

1 TBSP each of toasted pumpkin seeds (or toasted slivered almonds)


1 TSP of raisins

1 TBSP of ground flax seed if that's your thang.

Done! A perfectly portioned bowl of healthy cereal to keep me going for the rest of the trip. I got in a satisfying, low sugar, sweet and crunchy carb. Obviously feel free to play around with whatever ingredients float your boat. I was so pleased with myself, and it hit me how Blaga worthy this would be. Here at Lady B, our goal is to inspire and share on all fronts. If we've got a good idea, you'll be the first to know about it. Forgive me for the shorter length of this post, but jet lag is setting in💤✈️. Safe travels! Oh, and this works just as deliciously if your trip just consists of simply walking from the kitchen to your couch. Stay both nutty and sweet!

Love, LB